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Always wanting to open a little shop, I finally did.  It's 2020 and my daughter graduated from high school, and I am left with all of this free time - you know what I mean 😊.  So, this just felt like the right time to start this journey.

My goal is to not be that store with 50 items of the same size and color; I mean, who wants to show up to a function and see others wearing the same exact top or dress?  Yea, not me either.  (But, hey, you got great taste).    

I love shopping and finding that trendy piece at a great price.  "Trendy" -because I like those pieces that are currently trending and in-style.  But, the quality has to be there too, very important!  

"Southern" - well I am in the good ol' south so why not?  No, seriously, I love that southern unique style; so fresh and cute, comfortable, and so versatile.  You can dress up that special outfit for a night out on the town or go casual with some cute flats and shorts for that boat ride, walk on the beach or last minute late night bonfire with friends.  Or, even wear it to work (back to reality).  So, then, Southern Trendy was born.

My goal is to have a variety of products from made in the USA to imported because peoples taste and sense of style are all different.  There are quality products in all countries and I am so eager to find them and share them with you.    

As you are browsing the internet, stop by and check us out 😉


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