A Pile of Sweaters


Celebrating Beauty and Style

We are uniquely made, Be You!

Always wanting to open a little shop, we finally did.  It's 2020 and Gaby graduated from high school, and I am left with all of this free time - you know what I mean 😊.  Southern Trendy was born!

ST started off being 'my' hobby to it becoming a true family-owned little business -  everyone is involved in some sort of way!  

Our goal is to Not be that boutique with 50 items of the same size and color.  We want to be the small boutique you can trust to bring fashionable, unique pieces.

   Our goal is to have plenty of items that are made in the USA, but will have imported as well.   

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the styles as much as we do.  As you are browsing the internet, stop by and check us out 😉.